Lust List: Birkenstock Sandals

September 6, 2013

I am currently lusting over Birkenstock’s new collection of sandals – ever since the 2013/14 Resort collections I have been obsessed with wearing sandals, especially with fancier outfits like a suit. I was recently asked what I think the next trend will be and my answer was the combination of suits and sandals – I was looked at as if I was a crazy person. I’m certain by the end of this post you will understand my vision, if not, then call me crazy!


Black Birko-Flor  Arizona: $89.95 (Buy here)


Hunter Black Leather  Arizona: $120 (Buy here)


Soft Footbed Brown Leather  Arizona: $130 (Buy here)


Blue Birko-Flor  Arizona: R875 (Buy here)

Birkenstock was made in Germany since 1772 and as their website says, their product is “a simple idea that’s made feet happy for over two hundred years… You walk, the shoe moulds to your foot. You feel good. We feel good. That’s the deal.” Birkenstock focuses on the comfort factor – not a frequent quality for most items related to fashion – the moulding process ensures this comfort. I have yet to try them on but they look like a pillow for your feet, and I could do with a pillow for my feet, couldn’t you?

This lust item is just that – something I’m coveting but do not currently own. Hopefully on Christmas day this status will change!

Here are some of the ways that people are sporting this trend on the streets:

Celine have also created an amazing pair of sandals but unfortunately they contain fur – if there were faux-fur pairs I would be totally obsessed. See these sandals below:

So, what do you think of the trend? Will you be rocking it or not? I know I will!

Love Jess.

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