Christmas Lust List

December 14, 2013

Since it’s Christmas time I thought I would put together a Christmas lust list. This list is purely made up of wishes – never would I expect most of these things to be under my Christmas tree but it’s always fun to web window shop!

Most importantly I would be over the moon if I received a new laptop – my current laptop turns off about 4 times every time I try to create 1 post. No lies. So that would be a dandy gift. The Michael Kors tote that is specifically made for my dream laptop, the MacBook Pro 15”, would also be a wonderful – it will be able to fit all my necessities as well as my dream laptop comfortably while still ensuring that my ensemble looks chic.

The rest of the pieces are all ones that I have been drooling over for some time now. That Isabel Marant embellished jacket is to die for (like every single other item in her collection for H&M), those Mui Mui sunglasses are a must, the Givenchy Bambi sweater is so cutely chic and that We Are Handsome lion swimsuit needs nothing more than the picture to explain just how amazing it is!

Another item of fashion that I have had my eyes on this year is a Larson and Jennings watch. I really love one that has a white face and black strap but this cameo one is just too edgy that I couldn’t resist putting it on my list. What I love most about these watches is that they have interchangeable straps! And believe me when I tell you, they are all superb – have a look for yourself at

Givenchy Bambi Sweater

MacBook Pro

Larson and Jennings Limited Edition Cameo Watch

Mui Mui Sunglasses

MICHAEL Michael Kors 15″ Jet Set Travel Tote for MacBook Pro

Topshop Floral Trapeze Dress

Zara Checked Trousers

Zara Leather Sweatpants

We Are Handsome Bathing Suit

Topshop White Drape Dress

In all honesty, all I want for Christmas is to be around those that I love most. The gifts are always a great perk but Christmas is my favourite day of the year not because of the gifts but because of the happiness and togetherness that the day warrants.

What are you hoping to receive on Christmas day?

Love Jess

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