Lust List: Animal Print Slip-Ons

January 28, 2014

These slip on sneakers are everywhere these days and I am obsessed – currently in the process of finding the perfect pair for myself. Animal print or material seems to be whats hawt at the moment. Here are the ones on my lust list…

The Pricey Option:

Kenneth Cole Sneakers 1

Kenneth Cole – $150

Kenneth Cole Sneakers

Kenneth Cole – $150

The More Affordable Option:

Topshop 2

Topshop – £20

Topshop 4

Topshop – £20Topshop 5

Topshop – £20

If Slip On Sneakers Ain’t Yo Thang:Topshop 1

Topshop – £45TopshopTopshop – £45

Aren’t you loving this new trend too?

Love Jess

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