December 31, 2014


With the new year just around the corner, we find ourselves reminiscing on the past 12 months and introducing potential changes we want to attribute to the year ahead. For a while I have found myself at a blockade with my creative ventures. Focusing on another’s strengths in comparison to your own is dangerous, and I plan to put an end to this next year. Finding your own voice proves extremely difficult in this social media world made up of public voices, public opinions and public criticisms. Sometimes we need to find strength and courage in unexpected ways, this is where Pichulik, the South African jewellery brand created for brave women, comes in.

A few months back I was able to meet with Kat, creator of Pichulik, to design my own two pieces. I often turn to others for inspiration in any creative process I undergo, but when talking through the design process of this jewellery with Kat I was exposed to how she is inspired creatively. Colour, various homes and landscapes in different African countries, materials. It’s so very simple – instead of looking to other, look to your surroundings.  If you look to people for for inspiration, you are simply reinventing sans innovation. Next year my one and only resolution will be to replace reinvention with invention.

The gratification that comes from creating something that is removed of any imitation is extremely fulfilling. Next year, this blog with be an explosion of creativity – watch this space. Cue Sara Bareilles ‘Brave’…




Look 1 and 3: Banana Republic sweater // Pichulik necklace (Similar here)

Look 2 and 4: Topshop top // Trenery trench coat // Pichulik necklace (Similar here)

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