Stepford Streets

December 29, 2014


Ever heard of Celebration Village in Orlando Florida? Neither. Basically, it is a mini town designed by Disney. Word on the street, and by street I mean Mama V, is that Celebration is a place so perfect that it is reminiscent of a town from “The Stepford Wives”. People walking their dogs along the Wisteria-like streets, kids riding their bicycles to school (yes there is a primary school in Celebration and a high school and university for that matter), and every person greeting you as if you are a new friend.

A Disneyesque bubble if you will. A euphoric bubble. That being said, a few days after visiting Celebration a friend told me that a murder took place in the town a few months back. Now, this post is by no means a morbid one, I simply want to show that a calm lake is not always indicative of what is stirring beneath the surface. Much like social media, especially Instagram.

Unless you’re posting pictures of a failed test, a post-breakup crying selfie or your whole feed is festered with #nofilter images, then you, along with myself, are guilty of creating a a desirable facade – a social media pseudo identity. We didn’t wake up like this and our lives aren’t all sunsets, meals out and parties on a Sunday. And unfortunately, jealousy of another’s perfect life along with an overwhelming feeling of self-loathing is a result of social media’s tendency of omission.

Next time you’re feeling sorry for yourself going through your Instagram feed filled with images of parties, gourmet meals and friends lounging on the beach while you’re writing your second 2500 word essay of the day, think of what you are bypassing on social media because the people whose lives you desire so are most definitely doing the same thing.

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What I Wore:

Topshop white shell top

Armani Exchange jeans

Trenery trench coat

Country Road slip ons

Country Road pony hair bag


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