Take Cover

January 27, 2015





Packing for a trip always proves a difficult task, no matter how long the excursion. It could be a weekend away or two weeks overseas, it seems one can never have too much of anything when it comes to packing a suitcase. As much as I am my mother’s child, I am not one to pack an outfit per day and maybe two extras, just in case. I prefer to pack according to categories – whatever shirts, jackets, pants and shoes I feel like taking, and a bit extra, just in case. Strangely enough, both my mom and I always end up in the same predicament as each other – bags far too large for the trip at hand.

I don’t believe that there is a particular way to pack that will ensure the perfect sized suitcase, but I do believe that focusing on the classics will only aid you in your inevitable packing struggle. These days, my classics are all about covering up. I never thought I would say this but winter is the month for me when it comes to dressing – I love the layering, the jackets, the knits and the oversized trenches. And my ultimate classic lately is the turtle neck sweater. So, Summer, as lovely as you are, feel free to leave whenever.


 What I Wore:

Banana Republic Sweater

Cotton On Jeans

Aldo Heels

Urban Outfitters Backpack (similar here)

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