February 12, 2015


It would be a rather difficult and demanding task to find anything as beautiful as the changing colours that accompany Autumn. Driving down my road in the early mornings isn’t so bad when the street is hugged on either side with overarching fall trees. With the idea of evolving colours in mind, I am brought to one of my proudest moments – my first styling gig. At the beginning of this year I knew I wanted and needed to create more. I want to use my blog as a platform for my creative work, and it starts with this editorial. Expect more.

I digress. Back to autumn’s styling essentials. Forget that base, for autumn it is all about colour palette. Be a chameleon to your natural environment. Think rust, caramel and mascarpone hues. Take advantage of clean lines before the winter demands of excessive layering dominate your style. A Burberry moment in a sweeping cappuccino trench is a must and a clean navy suit never hurt nobody.

All photographs taken by Tarryn Hatchett.





Look 1, 4, 8: Zara trench, Topshop shirt.

Look 2, 5: Zara blazer and trousers.

Look 3: Trenery shirt (similar here)

Look 6, 7:Banana Republic knit and Country Road socks.


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