Boyish Behaviour

April 28, 2015



Blurred lines are taking over in the fashion industry, or perhaps just taking over my closet. I don’t mean the Robin-Thicke-surrounded-by-scantily-dressed-women kind of blurred lines, I mean the blurred lines that have given rise to a celebration of androgynous dressing.

A few weeks ago I bought a pair of leather-like loafers – lately, they are maintaining a permanent spot on my Instagram feed and on my feet – and since this purchase, I have received more compliments from both men and women about my style than ever before. A more masculine form of tailoring and an oversized fit has been my signature look for a while now and more often I will wander into the male section of a store before I venture into my designated area of retail. So why this attraction to a more boyish way of dressing?

I have come to the conclusion that because shopping is more likely an annual occasion for men, their collections are well rounded, classic and timeless to ensure they last, in terms of trendiness and durability, the full year until the next excursion to the malls. It is this classicism that attracts me to slouchy blazers, full trousers, man-shoes and boyfriend jeans. The macho way of dressing has attracted me to the wider fit of denim, so, when asked if I prefer #TightorWide, ironically, these blurred lines have provided some clarification.

Gladiator-inspired man-skirts may just make a comeback in the months to come with all this gender-blending taking over. I know I will be on the lookout. Till then, I’m off to a wine farm for a tasty brunch. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend as much i as I, kids.





What I Wore:

G Star RAW jeans

Armani Exchange top

Trenery coat

Aldo heels

Bag from a market

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