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May 19, 2015





If anyone has been keeping up with my outfit posts both here and on Instagram, you’ll notice a current theme – this shirt. I’ve noticed that every time I want to whip out the camera and shoot a look post, I’m wearing this damn shirt. It’s come to the point where I can’t post the last look I shot until I have a few other outfit posts to fill in the repeat offender gaps.

Lately, my work ethic has been falling into a similar trap, a trap I visit a few times too many. As I have said before, I find it very difficult to peel myself away from my varsity work. Exercise takes a backseat, along with going out. I become accustomed to a routine – work, eat, sleep, repeat – with a bit of boyfriend, family and friends  thrown in there. Sadly, my blog tends to suffer. I think I need to start treating exercise and my blog as necessities; that way I will fit them into my schedule simply because I have to. Not that I don’t want to, work just consumes me.

But, back to the top in this post. When buying it, I had no idea about the versatility of it. But I have to say, after my endless outfits with this shirt, this is my favourite colour combo. I need to be like this shirt and adapt, hopefully then I will be able to find a schedule that can fit in all my hobbies.


What I Wore:

Zara trench (similar here)

Topshop shirt

Zara trousers (similar here and here)

Aldo mules (similar here and here)

Larsson and Jennings watch

Bag from market

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