July 31, 2015

For the past month or so I have been trying to secure an internship for the end of the year as part of my final honours year requirement. I’ve done a few short internships (more like vac work) during the last 5 years but have never entered the corporate world. As much as I am enamoured with fashion and creating beautiful things, I thought this was a good opportunity to have a fresh experience and test out new waters.

Because this has been a key focus of mine for the past month, I feel like I have been in business mode and it clearly is reflecting in my style. Perhaps, its a subtle way of sending out good vibes to somehow manage to secure this vac work. Plus, this kind of masculine style is what fuels my soul, so I think the best part about getting this internship would be the necessity to add to my suit collection. So please, luck is welcomed.




What I Wore:

Zara suit

Topshop shirt

Country Road shoes

Country Road bag

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