The Poncho

July 11, 2015

Ever since my first trip to New York back in 2012, I have been obsessing over ponchos. One morning, while walking on the famed streets trapped by never ending skyscrapers, I saw a woman in brown chelsea boots, faded blue skinny  jeans and an aztec poncho. And while the word ‘aztec’ in that sentence may throw many of you off, she was the most chic. Take my word for it. From that morning it became a mission of mine to find the perfect poncho. Recently, while devouring the Zara sale – I finally found it. While it may be three sizes too large for me, I couldn’t get over the colour and the fabric. Plus, I actually prefer larger sizes; makes for more interesting forms.

If you’ve already done the math, you will know that it took me about three years to find this piece of woollen gloriousness. Patience was key. Patience is key at all ages, but, I’m finding these days, patience is especially key for students. Recently, I along with a lot of my close friends have found ourselves confused and lost when it comes to our studies. Sometimes we choose the wrong university, sometimes we choose the wrong degree and sometimes the decision to study is wrong altogether. The fact that we have to decide on our career path at the tender age of 18 is pretty ludicrous and because of that, most of us find ourselves astray either after our first year in our new venture or even once the venture has completed. But, as my mother always says, “Nothing is ever wasted.” You never know, you may find your passion in a place that was indirectly formed by your previous decisions. Plus, unless you’re becoming a doctor, your degree isn’t set in stone and usually holds the keys to several doors.

So, trust your path – it’s already been drawn for you.





What I Wore:

Zara poncho

Topshop shirt

Topshop ripped jeans

Country Road boots

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