Oversized Scarf & Fringed Denim

November 16, 2015

So, it’s been a while. And by while I mean a couple of months. Apologies, my friends. But I am back, in London that is. For my final honours year assignment, I was required to complete a one month internship, so I headed to London for mine, as one does. And I don’t want to leave, despite the constant running nose, daily sweat feasts in the tube and the sun going down at 16:30. For all of those reasons, and more, it has been difficult to shoot a post. Working through and past the sunshine only leaves weekends to shoot a post, and every weekend it has rained constantly. But not yesterday. Sunday, you beautiful thing, you. So, before I headed to Cereal Killer Cafe (anyone in London reading this, stop; and get on your way to this cereal heaven. Order the Funky Money cereal cocktail – I think that’s the name. Could be chunky monkey. Either way, monkey is in the title, and that is all you need to know.), but I digress; before I headed to this dream, I squeezed in a quick post.

This has basically been my staple outfit for my entire trip, partly due to baggage restrictions (damn you baggage restrictions) but also because, in London in November, as long as you have a warm coat and an oversized scarf, you’re ace. And when I say scarf, I mean chameleon. Whatever the weather, it transforms into what you need. When you have forgotten your umbrella at home, because why on Earth would it rain after it has for the past 5 days; your scarf becomes your temporary parasol. When it’s a bit warmer, you can tie it around your bag strap as an extremely massive bag accessory. Okay, maybe not that last one; although I do end up doing that when the heatwave that is the tube hits.

And so, all I have spoken about is the weather – I’m becoming more of a Londoner with each day that passes.





What I Wore:

H&M grey sweater 

Trenery coat

Zara scarf (similar here)

Country Road fringe jeans

Country Road boots

Thalia Strates bucket bag

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