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Oversized Scarf & Fringed Denim

November 16, 2015

So, it’s been a while. And by while I mean a couple of months. Apologies, my friends. But I am back, in London that is. For my final honours year assignment, I was required to complete a one month internship, so I headed to London for mine, as one does. And I don’t want to leave, despite the constant running nose, daily sweat feasts in the tube and the sun going down at 16:30. For all of those reasons, and…

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July 19, 2015

  There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a trip to the mountains during winter (sans skiing and snowboarding, of course). Cabins overlooking infinite mountains, watching movies in front of the fire and evening walks. Although, my last trip to the Drakensberg was a bit more electrifying that any of the previous ones. A friend got bucked off a horse* on one ride and ripped his shirt on branches when his horse walked through a mini forest on another ride; the South African…

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December 17, 2014

The first thought that comes to mind when one says Orlando Florida – after Mickey Mouse Ears, Cinderella’s Castle and coasters, of course – is shopping. For the first two days of this trip I felt like I was in an episode of extreme couponing. On top of the instore sales there are coupon books, extra savings if you spend over a certain amount, another extra saving if you’re an international shopper. Soon, you’re getting clothes for free. No I’m kidding.…

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The Freckle in Florence and Portofino

December 10, 2014

  It is impossible to go wrong with food in Italy. No matter where you are or what hidden alleyway you find yourself in, every single Italian restaurant is a winner. So without any suggests, apart from walking and eating, here are a few pictures from my few days in Italy in June.…

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The Freckle in London

December 1, 2014

A few nights ago it occurred to me that I didn’t publish all my travel diary posts from the June/July holiday. Perhaps it’s the glistening of Christmas lights quickly filling the streets and malls or the abundance of Christmas treats that I have been baking that has got me thinking about London. So, here is the post from my trip to London. What to Eat: Go to Jamie’s Italian. Order a lot. Trust. Head to Borough Market and indulge in…

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The Freckle in Chamonix

September 4, 2014

This little town brought back so many memories for me. When I was 15 I went to Chamonix on a school french tour. Basically the cutest town I have ever visited. This is what you need to do… 1) Take a cable cart up Mont Blanc. It is extremely expensive, maybe only for me because of the exchange rate, but it is most certainly worth it. My sister and I went up on the perfect day so do try and…

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The Freckle in Versailles

September 3, 2014

While in Paris, I spent a day in Versailles – you could actually do with two days there but I didn’t have the time. I would definitely suggest getting a ticket that allows you to see everything – the main palace, the gardens, Marie Antoinette’s abode, etc. Although, to be truthful, I was rather underwhelmed by Marie Antoinette’s home – especially seeing it after the grand palace. Nonetheless, it’s incredible to see. Last bit of advice – try go at…

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The Freckle in Paris

September 2, 2014

As ridiculous as it may sounds, Paris stirs up something magical inside of me – there is no other place I have visited that has the same effect on me, not even New York. I really hope to live there for a while at some point in my life. But enough about my dreams, here are my recommendations for anyone who is visiting Paris in the near future. 1) You need to go to Angelina, just outside the Louvre, and…

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The Freckle In Amsterdam

September 1, 2014

Here are a few memories from my few days in Amsterdam. It was a trip full of art, somewhat dodgy food and too much canal-picture taking. Though Amsterdam be but little, she is fierce – basically there is a lot to do in this little city! Here are some of my recommendations: 1) The Anne Frank House. It is a humbling and eye-opening experience. 2) The Rijksmuseum. It holds the finest Dutch Art and an incredibly chic cafe inside. But, I…

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Sporty in Notting Hill

August 13, 2014

Notting Hill is one of my favourite spots in London – I love the multicoloured streets, the Portobello market and the fact that one of my all-time favourite movies is based on it (whoopsy daisies). Mr Price White Jeans | Cotton On Grey Sweater | Urban Outfitters Leather Backpack | Nike Air Max Theas | Ray Ban Wayfarers…

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